A Story from the Open Golf

A story about John Jarrett who was a course marshal at the 2021 Open Golf. John was on duty controlling one of the crossings across the 18th hole fairway. Clearly the crossing had to be closed when the golfers were playing through and on this particular occasion John had closed the crossing just as a buggy with two ladies on board pulled up looking to cross. John told them the crossing was now closed whereupon one of the ladies pointed to her badge on her coat lapel. So John allowed them to cross and as they went passed called out to them "Mind your heads ladies"

After they had gone another spectator said to John " You do know who that was don't you" - John replied he had no idea and was then told that one of the ladies in the buggy was the Princess Royal Princess Anne !

In the good old days that would have meant a trip to the Tower for John