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The Place - The Fountain Inn - The date Monday 11th June 1906 - In attendance nine gentlemen of Maidstone -  The Outcome - The Formation of a Bowling Club. 

The vote was unanimous that a club be formed called the Maidstone Bowls Club using land available from the Athletic Ground Committee.

So began the life of Maidstone Bowls Club which, in those early years, was to become a focal point for the business community of the town, with close links to the Town Council.

The early years:

  • 1910 - That the club pavilion be opened to members on any weekday from 9am to 11pm

  • 1914 - To continue fixtures as the majority  of members were beyond the age of military service

  • 1916 - New larger green finally laid and opened by the Mayor

  • 1919 - Maidstone B.C. is now one of the strongest in the area with a green second to none

  • 1926 - New Clubouse able to hold 60 people with improvement made to the 'lavatory'

  • 1948 - Site acquired for the princely sum of £850

  • 1979 - Talks began with a view to the siting of new clubouse on the opposite side of the green 

  • 1980 - The Ladies formed their own Club affiliated to the Kent County Bowls Association

  • 1986 - Finally the present  clubhouse erected and fitted out thanks to the support and enthusiam of the Members

  • 2000 - The Ladies & Men's Clubs amalgamated to become the one Club we have today.

  • And so to the present day, we are on the same site after 114 years!

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